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increase online sales

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convert abandoned carts to sales

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increase online sales

personalize ecommerce emails

convert abandoned carts to sales

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  • Direct from HubSpot

    “We’re very happy with the integration between HubSpot and Magento that EYEMAGINE created. Customer success and results have met our expectations and helped our customers achieve their goals.”

    Official Hubspot Magento ConnectorOfficial Hubspot Magento Connector— Arjun Moorthy, VP Business Development & Partner Products —

  • Wonderful Tool!

    "Our main reason for using the HubSpot Magentor Connector was to pull orders into HubSpot and learn more about where our customers were coming from and what points on our site ( were converting leads into sales. We also wanted a way to track overall revenue based on first touch points.

    While we are still figuring out some of the revenue reporting, I would say that our overall experience with the connector has been awesome! We have been seeing more meaningful numbers from our regular email campaigns, implemented a brand new abandoned cart nurturing campaign which wasn't possible with our old system, and setup new repurchase workflows to help nurture repeat buyers.

    And since this is only the first version, we can't wait to see what else HubSpot and Eyemagine have in store for this feature."

    Official Hubspot Magento ConnectorOfficial Hubspot Magento Connector— mjacoby —

  • Easy Pluging With Nice Visability

    "Plugin was simple to instal and works great with our custom Magento setup. Plugin creates new forms in HubSpot, collects fields from the user and creates new contacts with cart history.

    Then just let HubSpot takeover with a nice workflow and email automation. Dynamic content emails with images left in cart plus more.

    Highly recommend."

    Official Hubspot Magento ConnectorOfficial Hubspot Magento Connector— dhalligan —

  • The Dreamed Extension

    "I've been using Magento for almost 5 years and HubSpot for one and this integration has met all my expectations. It works seamless and has been a great value for our ecommerce b2c business. Not only adding valuable information to HubSpot but also helping me convert more with leads and abandoned cart users. The support has been great. This extension is a MUST have for serious Magento-HubSpot users."

    Official Hubspot Magento ConnectorOfficial Hubspot Magento Connector— jucamana —

  • Does What It Says On The Tin!

    "Easy to install and works seamlessly. This connector makes a big difference to the relevance of our HubSpot database adding invaluable info that allows us to do more with our lists."

    Official Hubspot Magento ConnectorOfficial Hubspot Magento Connector— Petehardie —

Magento with HubSpot

Integrating Magento and HubSpot helps to increase online sales from new customers and increase repeat sales from existing customers. The connector passes all customer data and attributes from your Magento store into HubSpot, including:

Magento Order Information in HubSpot
Order Information
Magento Recent Order Activity in HubSpot
Recent Activity
Magento Customer Browser Type in HubSpot
Browser Type
Magento Abandoned Carts in HubSpot
Abandoned Carts
Magento Customer Lifetime Statistics in HubSpot
Lifetime Customer Statistics
Magento Average Order Value AOV in HubSpot
Average Order Value

and more...

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Automate and personalize abandoned cart nurturing.

Personalize your follow-up emails with images, URLs, and names for the most valuable products in any abandoned cart. Using the HubSpot workflow tool, you can send a timed series of personalized emails to your contacts who abandoned a cart, automating the follow-up process and increasing conversions from cart abandoners.

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Automate and personalize upsell, cross-sell, and reorder emails.

If you've set up your Magento shopping cart with upsell and related product details for your top sellers, then you can create personalized emails for people who purchase them. Send a timed series that automatically incorporates product images, names, and URLs for upsell and cross-sell items and start marketing like Amazon.

Laser target your one-off emails and product launches.

The HubSpot/Magento connector syncs all your historical data for customers, making it possible to create lists of every person who purchased particular products or categories.

Launch New Products in Your Magento Online Store with HubSpot
Launching a new product?
Email campaigns with HubSpot and Magento
Want to send a special deal to your VIPs?
Reengage Magento Customers with HubSpot
Want to reengage lapsed customers?
HubSpot twitter
Want to see which of your customers are also social media influencers?

Nurture customers to become repeat customers through Social Inbox and Smart Content

HubSpot's Social Inbox and Smart Content tools help you break out of the inbox and personalize customer experience on your website and on social media. Social Inbox will allow you to hear what your customers are saying on Twitter and respond with helpful content and advice, and Smart Content will allow you to change what a visitor sees on your site according to rules you create. Has someone purchased items in Category A? Change your homepage hero image to automatically feature a product in Category A targeted at that customer, and transform your site to function like those of the market leaders in eCommerce.

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Magento eCommerce Revenue Attribution with HubSpot

Attribute revenue generated to specific marketing channels and campaigns.

HubSpot's suite of analytics and reporting tools allows you to quickly and easily see which traffic sources or marketing actions turned into revenue for you during any given time period. Generate a report in seconds and email it to anyone in the company--you can even set up recurring reports so everyone can keep track of the company's progress.

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